About Los Angeles NORML

One of the oldest chapters in the country, Los Angeles NORML was founded in 1973 and is a regional chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws

We support NORML’s mission to repeal the prohibition of marijuana at the local, state and federal level by educating those in our community about marijuana and hemp and their potential medical and industrial use while promoting the responsible use of marijuana by adults.

Meet Our Team

Los Angeles NORML Board of Directors​
Bruce Margolin
Bruce Margolin - Executive Director
Ian Rassman
Ian Rassman - Deputy Director
Philip Rebentisch - Director of Community Outreach
Elizabeth Barket Kremser - Director of Legal Affairs
Rico Lamitte
Rico Lamitte - Director of Events
Nicholas Castelli - Director of Communications
Hirsh Jain
Hirsh Jain - Director of Government Affairs
Veronica Steele - Director of Membership
Brett Macomber - Director of Technology
Elisabeth Mack - Director of Health

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NORML thrives through our community members and provides for many exclusive events.